The name of the clinic captures what I do.
First, I seek to find out what is really happening in the body and identify the core issues of imbalance, whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Then, I help the person work back to their true self, their own "essence." My goal is to assist patients to reach their full potential, both in health and life. All services are geared towards that end.

I see patients ranging from infants to the elderly with a wide variety of conditions. I can group them into 3 categories:

1. Patients who have been to numerous medical doctors and are unsatisfied with the results. They cannot identify what is wrong despite numerous tests. Symptoms return soon after they stop medication. Patients are afraid of potential side-effects from long term use of medication and want to get off.

2. Patients who do not like prescription medication and would like to try natural therapies for themselves or their children.

3. Patients who are basically healthy but want to maintain and strengthen their bodies to prevent disease or improve endurance. They might include athletes, women getting ready for pregnancy or people seeking healthy aging.

Examples of some conditions I see frequently are: digestive issues, acute and chronic infections, environmental toxicity, allergies, migraines, hormone issues, blood sugar issues, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions, skin conditions, ADD/ADHD and depression.

At The Essence every office visit is a unique experience.

Each visit includes a detailed medical history and lifestyle assessment followed by an evaluation of major organ functions. I may test for specific allergies, infections and environmental toxins that may be causing stress or contributing to disease. Once I identify root causes, I recommend remedies that are the most compatible and effective for that patient and formulate a specific, individual treatment plan. Depending on a case, I may also recommend additional treatments such as physiotherapy, and/or emotional clearing/energy healing.

It is important for each person to understand that the more chronic the condition, the longer it will take for the body to heal. If a condition has developed over years it will not reverse itself in a few weeks. We have to un-do what has happened layer by layer, just like peeling an onion.

I put a lot of emphasis on empowering and educating patients. I encourage all of my patients to take responsibility for their own health. I explain what is not working, what would improve their condition and why. This may involve eliminating specific foods from their diet, taking certain herbal or nutritional supplements and/or dealing with emotional issues that create stress. It may also involve shifting their view about their health condition. The mind is very powerful, if you believe you will not get better, then your body follows your thoughts. Quite commonly I work on clearing such unproductive thought patterns.

After working with me, patients should have a solid, basic knowledge of their own bodies and be comfortable taking responsibility for and care of their personal health and well being.

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